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Interview with Abraham Gomez CEO of Nutrasign

Posted on 10 September 2018

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Nutrasign is the startup that lets you track the food you buy to have more information about where it comes from. They are finalists in South Summit 2018 so we talk with their CEO Abraham Gomez to know more about the startup and about his experience in the entrepeneur world.

1. What does South Summit mean for you? What do you expect from this event?

South Summit is a prestigious event with great influence on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Every year people from different countries come to see and discover new projects and I think it is a very valuable opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs, developers and investors while at the same time giving visibility to our project.

2. Why did you decide to participate in the competition?

South Summit is the biggest start-up event in southern Europe and it provides great exposure. We were aware that many interesting projects were going to apply and that it would not be easy for us, but we at least had to try.

3. Why did you decide to start your business and how did you come up with the idea?

The idea was born as a solution with a social focus. Every year there are scandals and frauds in the food industry that weaken the confidence of consumers and harm companies that work ethically. This is a problem that needs an urgent solution.

The first person I shared the idea with was Rosa, a biologist and nutritionist, who has extensive knowledge of the control processes that food companies use. From there, after several weeks of meetings with Juan José, David, Cath and Enrique, we shaped what is now NutraSign and its business model.

4. Why is your company useful for the user?

Our objective is to put verified information about the origin of their food in the hands of consumers, as well as guaranteeing the authenticity of the product they are purchasing. At the same time, we can help food companies to improve their operations; carrying out the processes of traceability of their products more effectively, reducing costs and helping them to identify the complete route of a production batch in a matter of seconds rather than days. When talking about food safety this crucial, as when an outbreak occurs due to contamination, it is vital to find the contaminated source and proceed with the withdrawal of the product and other subsidiary contaminated products from the market as quickly as possible.

5. How did you feel when you knew you were finalist?

It was a pleasant surprise to know that we were among the finalists. I have had the opportunity to see some of the other finalist projects and there is a great deal of talent and many interesting proposals. It is an honour to be part of the top 100.

6. What do you think will happen in the future of start-ups?

The future of start-ups is exciting, new solutions and innovative ideas are born every day, all thanks to the new technologies that are allowing the creation of new markets and business opportunities. This is wonderful, and I believe that the trend of growth and innovation will continue to increase.

7. What advice would you give to those who want to participate in South Summit?

I would say that for anyone connected to the world of entrepreneurship, South Summit is an event that you must schedule into your calendar. The opportunities to connect with other people, and learn from and inspire other entrepreneurs, as at South Summit, is something crucial to the continuing development of a new business.

8. What does being an entrepreneur mean for you?

Being an entrepreneur involves being a hard worker, maintaining consistency, being committed and knowing when to take risks. Entrepreneurship is neither the easiest nor the safest path, but it is a journey full of satisfaction and learning.