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Interview with Yannick Rault - Founder & CEO of Sheetgo

Posted on 05 November 2018

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We interview Yannick Rault, Founder and CEO of Sheetgo. The startup is an enhancement to spreadsheets that allows you to automate workflows, share your data by connecting your cloud spreadsheets, and to stop copy/pasting. We talk with him about their experience in South Summit 2018.

1.    What does South Summit mean for you? How was the experience?
The South Summit provides an opportunity to be surrounded by companies, small and big, that are passionate, experts in diverse fields and open to sharing ideas and visions. It was a great opportunity to network with corporations, investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.


2.    Why did you decide to participate in the competition?
We are always open to new challenges and learning moments. Participating in the competition was another chance to expose ourselves and learn and receive feedback. It gives us insight from qualified people.


3.    Why did you decide to start your business and how did you come up with
the Idea?
In my previous company connecting data within spreadsheets was already part
of our day to day activities. Just like everyone else, we used the native spreadsheet resources at first. Then, together with my co-founders, we realized that there were too many insufficiencies in this working method. We solved it and then put it out there for free to see if others would be able to solve their problems and create solutions like we did. People downloaded it and we saw we may have found a scalable way to take cloud spreadsheets to the next level.


4.    Why your company is useful for the user?
Sheetgo has been proven to be useful for any type of spreadsheet users because it allows you to automate workflows regardless of their field of expertise. The otherwise lengthy manual processes are being replaced by our technology, without the need for techie skills.


5.    How did you feel when you knew you were winners?
Initially, the goal of participating was to share our solution with the world, helping others to work better with spreadsheet data, and to learn as much as possible from other startups and organizations. The whole team was extremely happy that we were given the opportunity to share our product on a larger stage. Enthusiastic, thrilled, excited, but most importantly happy for my team and happy to validate that we may not be that crazy after all ;).

6.    What do you think it will happen in the future of startups?
Compared to 20 years ago, entrepreneurs nowadays have a lot more creative freedom when it comes to starting a business. This results in a lot of innovative startups all around the world and allows entrepreneurs to share knowledge and continue to learn and grow every day. I expect that this will only expand in the future. Exciting times are ahead!


7.    What advice would you give to those who want to participate in South
Believe in what you do but keep your ears open. Don’t forget that you are participating in the South Summit because your product has the potential to attract new investors, clients, and partners. Go to the South Summit with a clear goal, a clear agenda and do not get distracted by the many cool things that happen there. Be confident and expect the unexpected, but most importantly have fun, and realize that every experience, whether perceived as good or bad, is a learning moment.


8.    What does being an entrepreneur mean for you?
As an entrepreneur, you sacrifice a lot and it takes a lot of dedication, effort, time, energy and whatnot. However, once you detect that you create value, realize the freedom and that you create a culture with all your stakeholders, you feel fulfilled and satisfied...and tired ;)

9.    What´s your dream in life?

Create value for as many people as possible by getting the best of the virtues that I have been born with and been provided with, and those that I have created along the way.