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Workshop: First Steps on Machine Learning in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services

By Daniel Crowther | 01 October 2019

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Amazon invites you to participate in their Machine Learning Workshop, using Amazon Web Services!

When you are starting in the world of Machine Learning, everything sounds too complicated. 

In this session, we will introduce the Amazon SageMaker platform to manage your Machine Learning models. 

It will be a practical session where we will combine a web console and some (very simple) code in Python to train and put into production Machine Learning models that can solve problems such as personalised recommendations or image recognition. 


Call: October 4 from 11:00 to 12:00hrs hours at stage "The Next Big Thing"


- Profiles with or without experience in Machine Learning
- Preferably with a little background using code (Python)
- A laptop, to be able to follow the session 

Important: Ensure that your laptop gives you access to the use of Amazon Web Services, configure security with your respective company. 

Profiles with or without previous Machine Learning experience that want to explore the possibilities of the cloud. Preferably with a little technical background, since we are going to use some code during the examples. We do not need you to know any particular programming language because, although the examples are in Python, all we are going to do is give value to a few variables and invoke some API methods in SageMaker. 

All attendees will receive a temporary AWS account that will be valid for the duration of the workshop. To be able to follow it, they will need their own laptop with an internet connection and a browser. If an assistant comes from corporate environments, it is advisable to ask your IT department, to make sure that the security settings of your laptop does not prevent you from working with Amazon Web Services.